Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gender Role Reversal Caption - Are You a Real Woman or Aren't You?


  1. It's nice story from gender role reversal world.

  2. I knew from a young age, that this scenario of TOTAL role reversal was for me ! And a world I wanted to live in :-)

    1. It's a fun concept to contemplate, and most of the reason I decided to start writing/captioning in this genre. I found that there simply weren't that many stories out there that focused on the things I liked. So I just started creating them myself.

  3. Well, suppose there shall be some small occasion in which the male, noting a Female's naivety in properly exercising Her superiority with bold unyielding dominance, may have opportunity to show Her how the male must be correctly used .... it time, She'll have no problem "properly nailing the male!"

    Only hope, then, She might recall Her callow youth - AND BE GENTLE.