Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reparations Caption Story - Daddy

This is a bit of a throwback caption series for me in that I didn't do any "before" pictures, and it's pretty short.  That said, I think it works really well for what it is.

This is inspired by a caption story created at Interracial Sissy Captions (great work going on over there - check it out).  The caption series which inspired it can be found at PART ONE and PART TWO.  It's actually based on one simple line in which the protagonist of that story says that his dad kicked him out.  I wanted to explore how that father would react to becoming addicted to black cock.  I  know it's not a terribly original concept, but like I said, I think it works.  That, and I also think that the photo modification in this is nearly flawless.  I can pick out the flaws, but the average viewer probably won't.  

I know that some of you aren't really into the interracial stuff, so those of you who find it offensive, you may want to skip this one.  For those of you like me, though - enjoy!


  1. This is phenomenal. The writing, the photo mods and the intense eroticism. Amazing stuff. And thanks for the shout-out.

    -Wes Mantooth

    1. Thanks - I sort of incorporated your style into the series because I thought it fit the story. The modifications are some of my favorites, too.