Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sissy Hypnosis Caption - A Momentary Lapse


  1. Like omg it's like the twilight zone. I'm TS on HRT n can't help but love n want the whore within me out

  2. The mental process of desire to act out fantasies has been a revelation. My journey began when I became aware of my need to be raised as a girl. I had inner tinglings when my older sister started to date. Early thoughts of what dating would feel like rattled my brain. Why did I think about it so much? What was the meaning of my need?

    Later, when I dressed more frequently, the desire to be with a man became obsessive. When it finally happened, I felt the most feminine I had ever been. The power of being female was incredible and, to the extent possible, afforded me insight into the joy of being female.