Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Feminization Caption - Forced Sisterhood

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  1. Quote: "But in September, it's over, right?"

    "Of course." Erin answered, grinning.

    Anyone recall a song some 50+ short years ago? Hmmmm... Isn't there an updated version something like,

    "We've kept you in skirts every day and night
    Your bra with each day has been getting tight

    Bye-bye, 'macho', farewell
    bye-bye 'macho'

    We'll see you September
    See you when the Summer's through
    There you'll be (bye macho goodbye)
    In cute dress at the station
    Girlish transformation
    Your manhood's gone away!

    We've had a good time so remember
    There's a danger if we find you not in heels and lace
    Yes we'll be there in September
    To see you in properly made up face!
    (counting the ways that we de-maled you)
    (counting the ways that We've yet to do)

    Bye, 'macho', goodbye
    Bye, 'macho', goodbye
    Bye, 'macho', goodbye (bye-bye, macho, farewell)

    Song fades... as manhood should...