Friday, July 4, 2014

Gender Role Reversal Caption - The Pursuit of Happiness


  1. Oh love this one!
    I literally fall in love for your captions when you do story in which boys are pretty shamed and unwilling to their changing into the sweet feminine side!
    The reluctant shyness aspect of the characters always make the story so real and brutally realistic, in my opinion.
    Great job Nikki, I've followed your works from a long time; you always create impressive scenery; my compliments and my regards!

    1. Thanks. I know that these all deal with fantastic situations (and unrealistically innocent characters at times), but I do try to inject a little realism into the stories. So I'm glad you recognize it.

    2. Oh yeah, surely these kinds of hypothetical situations have a big unrealistic component...
      but this issue is about almost every tg creation, from captions, to comics as well as written stories. But in my view there's a kind of balance point that set apart a good storytelling from a poor one. A character which seems pretty unaware will be maybe a paradox but also one which immediatly embraces the new feminine side without any esitation... well for me this could be even worse
      And you, Nikki, have certainly centered that point!

  2. I completelly agree with the previous coment. And this model is adorable. The inocence in her smile is that I want to show in my drawings.
    Is possible to know the name of the model?
    best regards!
    (please sorry for my english)

    1. I'm sorry, but I don't know the name of the model. I don't even remember where I found it, but judging by the background (which I've seen before), I'd say it's probably a Russian model.