Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sissy Caption - Don't You Want Me?


  1. Sounds... and looks, more like what matters henceforth will be "Adelle & her Sugar-Daddy"! I'm wondering, Nikki, is the opposite of a cuckolded husband what's known as a "Trophy Wife", since is seems that Adam's mother will no longer be getting what her new daughter will be?!
    What a cutie! Nice piece of work, (I'm assuming you manipped her little addition into place?)!

    1. Thanks. I actually manipulated quite a bit about this picture, including the addition of male genitalia. As to the story, I think that for a little while, they'll be able to keep it secret, just like any other affair. Eventually, though, the wife will discover the truth. I think the interesting part is whether she'll believe it or if she'll continue along, living in denial because she can't wrap her head around her "son" doing such a thing. Or maybe she'll be to embarrassed to confront either of them. Either way, it's a fun situation to contemplate.