Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sissy Caption - Posturing


  1. Holy mother of the gods, what a disgusting transphobic website this is.

    These photoshopped women in your pictures are TRANSWOMEN, not men. The fact that your dialog always presents them as being still "male" is absolute misogynistic bullshit. The person being depicted in this image is not a man, not a boy, it's a WOMAN.

    Look up the case of Chelsea Manning if you want to be educated on how this works. Wikipedia's article on her is an absolutely wonderful collaboration by editors that clearly understand transphobia and are against it, unlike the author here. Chelsea is never referred to by male pronouns, EVEN retroactively when regarding her past life. That's exactly what the author should be presenting here.... anything else, like this incredibly offensive bigoted fantasy that transwomen identify as "men", is laughable. Please delete this filth of a site.

    1. I'm sorry you're offended by my use of masculine pronouns when referring to my fictional characters whose motivations, gender identification, and situations I create. These pronouns are used as a narrative device, and are not meant to be taken as acceptable for REAL transsexuals. These are fictional characters on a site which, at its core, is masturbatory material intended for people who fetishize the feminization of men (usually forced). The language in the stories is meant to achieve the intended effect, which is to arouse the imaginations of those people (of which I am one).

  2. Nikki your awesome!