Sunday, November 2, 2014

Feminization Caption - We Should All Be So Lucky


  1. I have been following the blog for a short while now. About a year. I noticed that recently you use less porn-y and outright sexual pictures in your caps. This is only a suggestion but I would love to see more of those pictures with the girls actually sucking cock or getting fucked.

    I love the stories and writing though. The quality of the writing is one of the things that puts this blog above the average sissy blog. Thanks for the quality content.

    1. The most satisfying aspect of doing these captions (artistically speaking) is, for me, the photograph modifications. If it weren't for that, I'm quite sure I wouldn't even do this blog. I tend to gravitate towards more soft core photographs because they're far easier (and less time consuming) to modify convincingly. With action photographs, it's difficult to find proper angles, perspectives, and lighting. Not to mention that most aren't terribly high quality. The result is that I rarely find suitable photographs (either the photo to be modified or the additions). That's the practical reason I rarely do overtly sexual captions.

      The other reason, however, is purely an artistic choice. I choose not to show it because as a reader, I've always been more turned on by the hint of sex. Maybe it's because I have an active imagination, or perhaps it's because the captions/stories I'm talking about were simply well-written. I don't know. But I do tend to prefer to let the reader use his/her imagination.

      That said, thank you for your critique. I take it to heart, and I'll try to do a few more sexually explicit captions.