Sunday, November 16, 2014

TG Caption - The Right Decision


  1. I can COMPLETELY understand the way SHE feels, but at the same time, if I could be as far into transition as her, I would be ECSTATIC.......especially if I could look so beautiful.
    Having said that, the thought of wondering about whether she would feel complete after GRS can make the decision to go through with, a tough one (both psychologically & monetarily)......but I know a few girls that have gone "all the way" and they couldn't be happier.
    I hope to someday get to that point myself, but sadly, I might not EVER get the chance to be TRULY HAPPY before I depart this world.

    1. But her problem extends far beyond being born in the wrong body, doesn't it? There's a deep-seated need for acceptance that screams crippling insecurity.

    2. Exactly !!! And that's one of MY deepest fears...."coming out" to family (and friends), and receiving nothing but TOTAL rejection and/or hatred.
      It's bad enough that I feel "all alone" internally, but to have NO ONE for love and/or support upon revealing my "true self" utterly terrifies me !!! :-(

    3. Sadly, that's a pretty common theme among transgendered people. I know it may be overly optimistic, but I think that in many cases, that fear is unfounded. Sure, there will almost definitely be shock, fear, and temporary rejection, but I think that, over time, most family members will grow to accept you for who you are. I'm not saying they'll be happy about it. Nor am I saying that they won't talk about you like you're some sort of curiosity. But they will issue begrudging acceptance if you make it absolutely clear that this is who you are, and it's not going to change. Again, I'm not trying to say that every situation would be like that (there ARE still unrepentant bigots out there), but I choose to believe that most of the issues result from our natural rejection of change - especially when it comes to something we, as a society, consider completely static.

      But with that view, there's hope, isn't there? Hate is almost impossible to reason with, but a lack of understanding can change. Maybe not this generation or the next, but eventually, we can alter people's perception of gender, and thus, their perception of people who, like you, know that sex is not the same as gender.

      I might be rambling, though. And I might be completely wrong. But at the heart of it is hope that it will get better as human perception of gender evolves.

  2. I don't think you're rambling OR wrong, at all. On the contrary, I believe you're very correct in your assessment......I just WISH that (at the minimum) the haters that turn to violence didn't exist. The one's that only lack the understanding of what it's like to be Transgendered, can hopefully be taught that we're human beings too, and we only want to be happy in our desired gender, free from oppression and/or violence, and contribute to society like everyone else. We're NOT sexual deviants like a lot of people make us out to be......we're just trying to live our lives in peace. Sorry for the rant. *hugs*