Sunday, December 7, 2014

Forced Feminization Caption - Propriety


  1. Great picture and Great caption! I’ve liked a lot of your posts. Especially the caption stories. I haven’t known of your blog for long, but now that I do, I feel like I can’t stop reading. Every time I finish a caption, I move on to the next and now I feel more feminine in a way I guess. I’m actually a younger guy that is considering becoming a sissy or maybe a woman (getting a sex change). I am just having a hard time committing and transitioning. It would make things awkward with my family and friends, but I have so many urges, I put on women’s clothing and make-up and do other feminine things ;) I love to walk around in high heels, wear panties, and put on make-up all day long and I’ve even been out in public once or twice like that. It’s really starting to affect me, it is killing me to know that if I do, my family may not accept me for who I truly am. With that being said, I still want it very badly. I am constantly thinking about getting dressed up, seducing a man and getting on my knees. I dream of it. Just wanted to get that off my chest, I've never told anyone. Anyways, I’m becoming a huge fan and your blog is making me want to become a sissy even more than I did before. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! 

    1. Glad you enjoy my work. Hopefully you can figure yourself out; I know it's a difficult process, especially when outside opinions are considered. I'd love to tell you that you should just be yourself, regardless of the consequences (ie. personal relationships with family and friends), but I know there's far more to it than that. We tend to assign our own self-worth according to how others perceive us, and the reactions of family and friends can well ruin your self-confidence, your quality of life, and, ultimately, how you look at yourself. Not only does it take a strong person to be able to take that step (if that's what you truly feel will make you happy), but it also takes a strong support system.

      I don't know you, so I won't presume to advise you on how to go about your life. I can only say that I hope you figure it out.