Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gender Role Reversal Caption - From the Future


  1. If he really from the future, where is his skirt? ;)

    1. That suit is a necessity of time travel. Rest assured, he'll find a skirt soon!

  2. The story has so much potential. It would be awesome if you could write him his skirt and maybe altering the 2015 society.

  3. It could be that his trip to the past was (is) the cause of men being altered in the future.

  4. Yes... a brilliant Female scientist had developed an anti-testosterone viral infection that not only neutralizes and reverses the effects of any male hormones, but also attacks then alters the Y-chromosome further weakening it to the point males evolve to but a third of their previous potential physical strength with greatly increased emotional fear when sensing Female pheromones.

    At the same time the virus develops Female's organs and muscular tissue to more than double in efficiency without increasing bulk. Also, Female sense of well being and confidence expands incredibly.

    The resultant effect spreads worldwide as Females find themselves emboldened geometrically, amused at the male sex's shrinking ability to maintain any further masculine pretense as they find their roles and importance in all areas of endeavor shrink into 'girlish' subservience under the inevitable Female Supremacy as it emerges.