Saturday, April 25, 2015

Trap Caption - It's a Trap!


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    1. I think you might have to stand in line for this one.

  2. How can we submit photos for you to caption?

    1. You can always send me an email at, but I can't guarantee I'll use your submissions. I'm sort of picky about which pictures I use simply because they have to match a story (and have to be fairly easy to modify for me - time constraints).

  3. Okay, Mz. Jenkins;
    Please, forgive my transgression of carrying our former conversation into a new post but, as my roughly 1/2-century on this planet and long-since removal from more, shall we say "urban" settings, has left me behind the ebb-&-flow of popular culture, I must admit that the term "trap" is one which has been eluding my understanding for some time. So, thank you for posting this definition!!!

    However, I must wonder about its accuracy. You see; I LOVE women! And the genitalia of the female gender!! Beyond these to facts, I feel that sharing in sapphic sexuality is among the most beautiful, erotic & emotional exchanges of human experience. So, if I could (have) manage(d) to assume or develop a sufficiently-feminine appearance/carriage, it would be my aim to draw the attention of a woman in hopes of engaging in a "trans-lesbian" encounter rather than to "trap" a man (and risk severe injury in so doing) into what he might consider a homo-erotic situation.

    Now, I am not pointing a finger at you in this regard, simply asking your opinion about the usage of the word and its application as a generality.

    Is it reasonable to assume that any CD/TV/TS wants to "trap" a man merely because he/she dons the likeness of womanhood or is actually taking the steps to transition thereto?

    My point being that, just like the term "sissy", "trap" carries a presumption of motivation/inclination/orientation/proclivity which may not be known without direct contact with the individual pictured. And the reason I ask this is because in my prolific wanderings of "image-surfing" (okay, you could call it "feeding my porn-addiction" as well), I often see tags/categories of "traps" which do not limit the images to those of pre-transitional persons, nor do they necessarily know with any certainty the orientations of the individuals pictured.

    Is it just my imagination, or is such "classification" not a result of the viewer's bias more than that of the one in the image? After all, there is a great degree to which one can only become "entrapped" if one wants to... right?
    Just asking.

    Oh, and b.t.w., the chick in this pic is a cutie! I'd love to see more of her as her progress continues!! Or is that little bulge in her panties a particularly puffy mons-veneris?