Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reviews and Other Miscellaneous Business!

Thanks to those of you who have posted reviews to Amazon in the past couple of days.  Feedback is always appreciated - the more the better.  I hope to get quite a few more.

Some of you may have noticed that my listings have changed a little - I decided to use Amazon's links (rather than post my own pictures).  I think it looks cleaner.  I also added a new widget to advertise books in this genre.  So if you're a writer, and you want your book listed, please let me know.  I'll add it to the widget. 

If you haven't taken advantage of the FREE BOOK PROMOTION yet, you only have a couple more hours to do so.  So head over there and get your free copy. 

And finally, I've finished my next book, entitled Control.  It hasn't been edited yet, but I did get finished with the cover art today.  It looks like this:

I may play with the sizing a little, but the general idea is going to stay the same (unless I get a ton of negative feedback on it - in which case, I'll go back to the drawing board).  The synopsis is as follows:

Adam was just a normal guy, living a normal life when, on his eighteenth birthday, his life was turned upside down by a sudden ability to read minds.  As he tries to come to grips with knowing everyone's deepest, darkest secrets, the power evolves, giving him complete control over those around him.  Armed with god-like power, he devolves into a monstrous arbiter of twisted justice.  

This semi-erotic tale contains scenes of homosexuality, gender transformation, crossdressing, and incest.  Read at your own risk.

The story was intended to be a throwback to a few similar (but poorly executed) stories I read a while back.  I hope to have it published within the next week or two.

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