Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A New Book!

First, I want to thank all of you for your support of my writing endeavor thus far.  An Experiment has managed to make it all the way up to #1 in its sub-category (LGBT Science Fiction), and has stayed there for a couple of days now.  So thank you for making that happen. 

And second, I'd like to announce a new novel, entitled Control.  It's a little different in that it isn't really grounded quite as much in reality.  Entrenched firmly in the supernatural, it's a story about the corruption that results from nearly absolute power. 

The official synopsis is as follows:

Adam is a normal guy living a normal life when, on his eighteenth birthday, his life is turned upside down by a sudden ability to read minds. As he struggles to come to grips with knowing everyone's deepest, darkest secrets, the power evolves, giving him complete control over those around him. Armed with this god-like power, he devolves into a monstrous arbiter of twisted justice.

And the book can be found by clicking the following cover image (which I'm actually really proud of):


And finally, I wanted to tie today's caption to the book release.  So if you plan to read it, (minor) spoilers ahead.  If not, the caption stands on its own.

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