Thursday, June 11, 2015

Books, Books, and More Books!

I got my first review of Control today (a slightly cryptic 5 star grade), so I'm really excited about that.  I'm also excited to announce that I launched another book last night, called The Big Pink Book of Feminization.  It's a collection of previously published short stories compiled into a single volume.  Many of you have probably already read the stories (previously published on Fictionmania, but since removed), but if you haven't, it's available by clicking the following cover image:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

As you can no doubt tell, I tend to gravitate towards minimalist covers.  Part of that is because that's just my style.  The other part is that they're easier to build.  And finally, they tend to stand out amongst the other, more cluttered covers featuring semi-nude models. 

The bigger piece of news, however, is that I'm finally merging the two sides of my writing career by letting you all know about my other, non-TG work.  It's only one book, entitled Heartkeeper, but I think that some of you might enjoy it. 

The premise is as follows:

Heartkeeper is the simple story of how a boy becomes a man, and that man begins his journey toward becoming something far more than that. In doing so, that person must learn about power, sacrifice, pain, and, most of all, love.
Volume One of this epic tale begins, fittingly enough, with a young thief named Flikk, and his first encounter with the Heartkeeper itself. The object appears to be a simple, golden box, but only moments after Flikk steals it, the object reveals itself to be far, far more than it seems.

It is a sentient object of unfathomable power, and it merges its fate with Flikk's, sending him on a journey from the dungeons, catacombs, and lost dwarven cities beneath Linston across the world to the fabled gnomish city of Mibaris. It sets him between two long-battling wizards, and forces him to rely on a dwarven monk and an unwitting elven necromancer.

But it is not the catalyst for young Flikk. No object can truly claim that. For him, the true impetus for his journey is an unlikely friendship with a young sorceress named Aime.

Along the way, Flikk encounters all manner of dangerous enemies, including a faithless former ranger, a goblin horde, dragons, and demons, among others. Around every corner is a new danger, but it is nothing compared to the danger lurking inside, spurred along by the Heartkeeper with which he has merged.

It's not nearly as high-concept as many of my TG stories, but it works all the same, I think.  As the premise might indicate, it's a high fantasy story, complete with magic, sorcerers, witches, and fantastic creatures.  If that sounds like something you might be interested in, click the following cover image:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

I fully intend to continue the story in a second volume, which is probably about 1/3 finished.  I'll announce it here when its release is imminent.

And finally, as always, my other works are available by clicking the cover images on the right side of the page.  They'll redirect you to the Amazon listings.

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