Sunday, July 12, 2015

TG Caption - A Good Boy


  1. Good one, Nikki.
    The cap seems to be flirting with incest?
    Dodgy territory which needs to be handled very carefully.
    Which I know you can do :-)
    Hate seeing tattoos on women or sissies, human skin colour is what it's meant to be.
    Was that a point you were subtly making?
    Whatever, very good cap.

    1. I think it could be incestuous feelings. However, I like to think its morbid curiosity. The father simply can't look away. As to the tattoos - I'm not a huge fan of them either, but I recognize that they can be quite beautiful (if done well) on the right person. That said, I wasn't making that point in the caption. I was simply illustrating how many sheltered people react when they're finally let loose. Still - glad you liked the caption. I thought the picture was some of my best work in quite a while.