Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Question

As I posted a few days ago, I plan to bring the Omar Bell Universe out of retirement pretty soon via a few new stories (which will be for sale at Amazon).  In addition, I'm going to remove the old stories from Fictionmania, and publish them on Amazon (after sizable re-writes).  I've already finished the prequels, and have started writing a fourth prequel story - so I'm pretty far along.  That said, I'm torn as to how I want to publish the work.  So, as always, I'm going to ask you all what you think.

The first option was my original intention - publish three volumes (prequel, during the change, and the longer overview story), and sort the stories to their proper place.  

The other option is to publish each story individually.  The reason I got this idea into my head is The Big Pink Book's lack of sales - which I can't help but think is due (at least in part) to the anthology format.  

The downside to publishing them individually is the amount of work I'd have to do on the covers.  Going from three to a dozen covers is quite a bit of work, and honestly, I run out of (doable) ideas.  The upside is a lot higher monetary potential.

So what do you all think?  Three books of short stories?  Or individually published stories?  What's your preference as readers?


  1. I can see benefits to doing both. Publish them individually and readers can only buy the stories that interest them. Publish anthologies and those who want all the stories can buy the collection for cheaper than buying all of them individually.

    Hope I'm not making more work for you.

  2. Three books of short stories, please. I agree, Individual books will only get picked over. I think you could sell a greater number of stories as a group rather than individually. It's not that you would might make more money, but more avid readers would find things they would love within the larger offerings, regardless of their predilections.
    And possibly redo the cover of "The Big Pink Book of Feminization".