Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Feminization Caption - He's Krystal Kinsey

I don't typically do a lot of "tribute" captions because I usually feel like I'm infringing on the other artist's territory.  However, there are times when I simply can't help myself.  This is one such time.
This caption is based on a recently released story by Cooper, called He's Krystal Kinsey, in which a young singer is given the choice between maintaining his masculinity or seizing fame.  He, of course, chooses fame, and is swept up in a whirlwind of feminization, culminating in a complete transformation (gender, race, personality, etc.).  
I'm a huge fan of Cooper's (I've read all of his stories), and this particular story really hit upon quite a few of my kinks.  I haven't quite finished it, but I felt the need to create a caption anyway.  I hope I did the story justice.
You can find Cooper's work on Amazon at HIS AUTHOR PAGE.  The listing for the book in question can be found at HE'S KRYSTAL KINSEY.
As an aside, I really liked a couple of Cooper's other stories, including Cramps and Sacrifice.


  1. I forgot how awesome this was! Thanks… and thanks for spreading the word about Cooper.

    1. I've always liked Cooper's stories; in fact, while writing the original Omar Bell Universe stories, I drew inspiration from his "Voices" series. Really imaginative writer who knows how to push just the right buttons.

  2. Hey! I love this! Someone just sent me the link. You made my day!!!!!!!