Saturday, August 8, 2015


I just wanted to once again thank everyone who has lent their support to my publishing efforts.  I'm happy to report that they've been fairly successful thus far.  So thank you for that. 

I've decided to offer a FREE BOOK PROMOTION tomorrow and Monday, so if you want to read the books, but haven't gotten around to it yet, this is the perfect opportunity.  I only ask that if you do read the books, please leave a review.  

Following is a link to the page where you can find my work:

I hope you all take advantage of the FREE BOOK PROMOTION!


  1. I've read three of your books, your writing is amazing. You're by far my favorite captioner and your books are wonderful too.

  2. I think you might be making a mistake with the free book promotions Nikki.
    I've bought 4 of your books on Kindle and am very happy with them.
    When your next book comes out ( soon, hopefully :-) ), some folks might think that instead of paying for them, they should just wait for the next free book promotion.
    You might be doing yourself out of money.
    Rationing the free promotions, and excluding some titles might help.
    Of course, if you're rolling in cash then carry on as you are.

    1. I'll admit - I worried about that myself. I don't doubt that some people will approach the situation much as you describe. However, I generally do see an uptick in sales in the week after doing a free book promotion. There's not enough data available to establish causation, but there's definitely a correlation there.

      Add to that the fact that I'm very aware that many people who enjoy such fiction simply won't purchase TG media for fear of getting "caught," and I don't really mind if a few people (especially frequenters of this blog - which is the only place my promotions are announced) read my books only during the promotional periods.

      Still, I appreciate the advice. And I also appreciate the fact that you've enjoyed my work thus far. I hope that the next piece doesn't disappoint.

  3. From what I've seen with the authors we've featured/promoted on the blog, short-term freebies are great for creating some visibility. Those downloads get you on the bestseller lists for the genre, and increase your score in whatever algorithm Amazon uses to determine 'relevant' search terms.

    I already had the others, but definitely looking forward to The Big Pink Book!

    1. That would explain the increased sales. It should be noted that the Big Pink Book of Feminization is comprised of previously published (on Fictionmania) short stories. No doubt, many of the readers of this blog have already read them.