Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A New Novella - The Bully

I've decided to publish the Omar Bell Universe stories individually at first, and then, in a couple of months, I'll offer them as part of an anthology.  The first up is The Bully.  Its synopsis is as follows: Click the following image to be redirected to the Amazon listing:

George spent the majority of his formative years being tormented and bullied. After his bully follows him to college, he retreats into his studies, and becomes a rich, world-renowned scientist. Soon, he turns to revenge as a means of providing fulfillment, and develops a biochemical compound which serves as a means of vengeance by transforming his former bully, body and mind. Follow Leo, the bully, as he undergoes that transformation. 

Click the following image to be redirected to the Amazon listing:

As I said before, this story is, by and large, the same as the one I posted on Fictionmania a few years back.  However, it has been rewritten (almost entirely), and I've added quite a bit of content.  So if you're interested to see what's different, I wholeheartedly recommend signing up for Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program.  It only costs a few dollars a month, and it allows unlimited access to a plethora of titles.  

The next one, entitled A Warning, will be available next Monday (9/7/2015).  The third, entitled Nepotism, will be available a week later (9/14/2015).  I'll keep you all updated as I finish writing the fourth in the series, as well as when I finish converting (and rewriting) the other Omar Bell Universe stories.  I hope you'll all enjoy the new versions.

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