Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Book Release Schedule

As most of you who frequent this blog know, I've recently decided to publish my Omar Bell Universe stories on Amazon.  Two of them are already available.  The third is scheduled for release next Monday, and the fourth will be released on the following Monday (9/21/2015).

The first in the series is titled, The Bully.  Its synopsis is as follows:

George spent the majority of his formative years being tormented and bullied. After his bully follows him to college, he retreats into his studies, and becomes a rich, world-renowned scientist. Soon, he turns to revenge as a means of providing fulfillment, and develops a biochemical compound which serves as a means of vengeance by transforming his former bully, body and mind. Follow Leo, the bully, as he undergoes that transformation. 

You may click on the following image to be redirected to its listing on Amazon:

The second in the series is titled, A Warning.  Its synopsis is as follows:

After years of making his living by robbing drug dealers, Maurice finally crosses the line from nuisance to problem when he repeatedly targets a powerful drug lord's business. When he's inevitably captured, the drug lord, Jamal, seeks out Dr. Omar Bell to help him develop a way to transform Maurice into a walking, talking warning to anyone who might have similar aspirations.

You may click on the following image to be redirected to its listing on Amazon:

The third in the series is titled Nepotism (available 9/14/2015).  Its synopsis is as follows:

Despite his years of loyal service and competence, when the CEO's nephew, Tony, screws up, Mike becomes the scapegoat. Without his career to drive him, he sinks into a deep depression until he latches onto one simple concept: revenge. When a friend from college shows up, the plan takes a wild turn, resulting in a plot to take away Tony's pride and joy - his son, Phillip. 

You may click on the following image to be redirected to its listing on Amazon:

And finally, the fourth in the series is titled The Island of Dr. Bell.  It's a completely new story (the others had versions published on Fictionmania for a while), and I think it ties the first part of the story together quite nicely.

Its synopsis is as follows:

Given the opportunity of a lifetime, newly graduated engineer Riley Diaz takes a job working for a renowned, Nobel Prize-winning scientist.    Before he knows it, he's whisked off to a private island paradise where he's put to work developing a piece of life-changing technology.  

But as the the island's population begins to experience peculiar changes, Riley starts to suspect that the island isn't what it appears to be.  As he tries to cope with his own changing body, Riley must attempt to discover the truth of the island and its owner, Dr. Omar Bell.  

This is the cover image I'm planning on using:

It doesn't have a listing on Amazon yet because I've yet to edit it.  Rest assured that it will be available on the aforementioned date (9/21/2015) though.

Next month, I plan to start publishing the next phase of the Omar Bell Universe (which will consist of at least seven stories - probably more, though).  I doubt I'll be able to keep up the one-story-a-week pace, but I hope to at least get one out every two weeks.

Again, some of these were previously published on Fictionmania (where they're no longer available).  However, the new stories have been edited and expanded quite a bit.  So I think they're well worth the price of admission.

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