Monday, September 28, 2015

Gender Role Reversal Caption - That Ass

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  1. After Michelle was finished commandeering Her sobbing husband's bottom for over thirty minutes, She grinned down in triumph at the mascara running in tears on the face of the broken male who once had been Her overly-spirited husband, asking,

    "Well, MISSY! Just what did you want to discuss!!"

    Alex wept,

    *sob* "Oh... nothing... *sniffle* *sob* i' i'm.. s-s-sorry.... i'll be a good h-hus-husb... I mean i'll be a good obedient little.... *sigh* girl and wife ... *sob* from now on... I promise... Master Michelle... c-c-could You just hold me and... *sniffle* kiss me please, Master. Please... i'll be a good girl...

    Alex wept.

    Michelle did all She could, holding back both Her joy and Her laughter, She gently wiped Her ex-macho husband's dampened mascaraed tears,

    "Of course ALYSSA... my little sweetie..."

    She held Her trembling feminized mate a moment or two until he calmed, then ordered him...

    "There... isn't it better now that you are learning your proper place, Altyssa... now get going YOUNG LADY. Go fix your make-up and then start dinner. And prepare enough for FOUR! I've invited two other Female Executives over tonight to discuss some business strategy."

    DAMN - Michelle smiled victoriously. She just loved hearing the clicking of Allyssa's heels on the hard wooden floor of the dining room on the way to the kitchen...