Saturday, September 26, 2015

Your Preferences

I just wanted to remind everyone that the new Omar Bell Universe story (called The Island of Dr. Bell) is now available.  For those who have read the original stories, it provides quite a bit of backstory on how the biochemical agent is created (while showing a fun transition for our main character, Riley Diaz).

If you're interested in it, please don't hesitate to head over to MY AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE to find out more.  If you'd like to catch up, please read all of them.

Also, I'm doing a bit of market research.  As my target audience, you all can provide a pretty good bit of information for me.  So, for those of you who have read my books, this is for you.  It's a pretty simple question, but the answers will prove invaluable to me as I move forward.  So I ask - which of my novels is your favorite?

1. An Experiment: A Tale of Gender Role Reversal
2. A Warrior Reborn
3. Control
4. The Big Pink Book of Feminization
5. The Bully
6. A Warning
7. Nepotism
8. The Island of Dr. Bell

I'm going to put up a poll after I do this post, but I'd also like to hear your comments.  While it won't affect my publishing schedule for the next couple of months, it will greatly affect how I proceed after that.  So if you'd like to see more (or less) of something, let me know.


  1. i like the idea of the feminization of man worldwide especially if its because of a virus, im less fond of the whole bbc idea

    1. I have a couple of stories in development that might fit that bill. One (which functions as a sequel to An Experiment) is set in a role-reversed world. While it's been completely outlined, I'm not certain when I'll be able to get around to finishing it. It's a full-length novel, so it will take a bit to get to that point. The other (also intended to be a full-length novel) is set in a world where the two sexes have been completely separated, and the men live in their own, segregated society. As such, certain men are selected to fill the role of "women" in the society. It was inspired by a real feminist's idea that in the future, men should be confined to compounds segregated from the rest of (an all female) society.

    2. that sounds great hope that youl make some more great caps in the future :)

    3. I certainly don't intend to stop! I really enjoy making these captions - especially doing the photo mods. If nothing else, it's a great creative outlet for me.

  2. I downloaded a Sample, only got the first chapter,, nothing to report

    1. May I ask why you only read the first chapter? And of which piece? Was it too slowly paced? Didn't catch your attention? Was the writing bad? That sort of information could be extremely valuable as I work on future projects.

  3. I like number 3 the best, but I think that all of your books could be more explicit like the captions. I especially liked the incest and sissification themes

    1. Some of my future Omar Bell Universe stories have quite a bit of explicit sex in them, so maybe those will satisfy that particular urge. I have one particular story (which has been outlined, and I've written about 10% of it) which would probably be right up your alley. In it, a college guy slowly transforms into the spitting image of his father's new, young wife, and eventually takes her place.

    2. I love all your work though, you're by far my favorite tg fiction author.

  4. Truly love Sex Role Reversal proposed on a large worldwide level.

    Hope you finish your proposed novel on that. As for a story on the separation of the two sexes, there was a novel on that back I think in the early 1950s called "THE DISAPPEARANCE". It was seminal to me as early Female Supremacy and Sex Role Reversal thought development.

    I can recall that at one part of the story one of the Women was asked what she'd like if the males returned, and she expressed something like,

    "Yes, I'd like to have them back, but this time I'd love if we Females would be the ones who ruled and males would be have to learn what it would be like serving under our thumbs night and day."

    Nikki, reading that passage was a seminal building block in my development. As were:

    1. reading about OMPHALE and Hercules in a 6th grade textbook

    2. Seeing the movie 'TURNABOUT' on tv well before I was 10

    3. On a Hit Parade dance routine there were 3 male and 3 Female dancers that the camera operators used split screen to match the Female skirted bottom halves superimposed below the upper male torsos while they danced.

    4. Junior High School age a 1960-61 National Inquirer article on Coccinelle entitled "This guy... NO KIDDING... says... I Wish I Were a GIRL!

    5. An Article in an old 1950's Reader's Digest - "Husband's - the New Servant Class" predicting the sex role reversal. (Recall at the end it joked about since males would be the ones at home while Females worked that who knows some Woman scientist would come up with a process where males would be altered and bear human young.

    6. Even onetime in the early 50'swhen as a child I was home sick from school and watching tv:
    Arlene Francis had one talk show where a group of females discussed the topic of changing sex roles. Recall she concluded at the end of the show, wouldn't it be poetic if the Future Female Head of the Household even told Her male mate what skirts or dress he should wear everyday to do his wifely chores and be ready to serve Her when She came home from the office.

    O DANG did these kinds of thing both entirely TORMENT and TANTALIZE me at avery early age!

    1. ps. believe the author of The Disappearance was Phillip Wylie