Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Book Release

The new Omar Bell Universe book is now available on Amazon.  Entitled, Becoming a Boi, it is the fifth in the series.  Its synopsis is as follows:

When Dr. Omar Bell, a respected biochemist, releases a statement that he's enacted a plan to feminize the world's population of white men, everyone is convinced that his claims are a hoax. However, when white men start changing, becoming more feminine by the day, everyone is forced to accept that the situation is as real as it gets. 

Follow Bill as he tries to cope with his increasingly feminine body while attempting to maintain his marriage and masculinity. 

If you're interested in purchasing it, please click on the following thumbnail cover image (which is one of my favorites so far) to be redirected to the book's Amazon listing:

As always, I'm going to ask for a few reviews.  The last few book releases still haven't seen a single rating or review, and I'd love to see that change.  So if you've read them, please leave at least a rating.  It would help out immensely.

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