Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Feminization Caption - Not a Man


  1. I hate to be critical because I really do love your work, but I think this story has been kind of done to death. Hey, maybe you were just having an off day. The photo mod looks a little odd also. Great work with the shadowing on the left thigh, but something about the right side of the scrotum just looks wrong. Not sure what it is, but it actually looks fake when you mods usually look almost to good not to be real. Like I said, maybe just an off day.

    1. I don't really disagree. Most of the captions I write are, at best, variations of something I've already written. You can't have over a thousand captions without repeating yourself from time to time - especially in this focused of a genre. As far as the modification - totally agree. It was one I almost threw into the "Do Not Use" folder (where my rejected photo mods go, never to be seen again). In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have used it because the lighting is a little screwy. I suppose that's the price of trying something a little different: there will inevitably be a few failures.