Saturday, November 21, 2015

TG Caption - Afraid


  1. Hi, Nikki...not trying to be critical, but the type set you are using now is really hard for me to read. even when i expand/enlarge the caption, it is still really tiny print.


    1. Yeah - I jammed too much text into the last couple of captions. It's not a simple matter of making the font bigger; I'd have to change the caption box to picture ratio quite a bit to make that text fit comfortably. If you really want to see it clearly, your best bet is to simply save the caption as a photograph, and then zoom in the Windows Photo Viewer. That's how I've gotten around it in the past.

  2. I had trouble with the image also, but when I copied and pasted it, it came up in a perfectly readable size.
    This caption was an interesting change of pace -- serious rather than silly, uplifting rather than merely arousing. Thank you.

  3. Can I ask who the girl is? I want to use her for a caption too.