Saturday, December 26, 2015

Gender Role Reversal Caption - GQ 2029


  1. Nikki -

    One hopes that in the properly revised Gentle-male Quarterly there are those delightful inserts containing samples of the latest hot-selling male fragrances. You know like "Submit 2 Her", "Male Miss-Tique", "De-male Delight", "Post Masculine SINdrome" et al

  2. Glad you are doing magazine covers. This is one of my favorite formats for developing your style of tg erotic artwork. I hope you do many more! XOXO <3 Missy Lita (Missy Lita Considers the Feminine)

    1. I do them from time to time (going back to a couple I did in the Omar Bell Universe), but they're fairly tedious to put together. Still, once finished, they're a nice way to flip gender roles. I especially like using traditional men's magazines (like GQ or Maxim) to show the feminization of men as a whole. It's a lot more impactful (I think) than inventing something like "Sissy Quarterly".