Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Gender Role Reversal Caption - Making History


  1. ADORABLE NIKKI! Love your role-reversal scenarios most. This one seems to pronounce to the world


    One Great Step Forward for Womankind! One Cute Dainty Little Bunny-Hop Backwards for males...

    1. You'd be surprised by how much modification went into this picture. There's a part of me that still likes the "Omar Bell Universe" model (womanly shape without breasts), and I think it fits into a gender role reversed world quite well.

    2. May not agree in all cases, but I can see it works well for a fair part of the vision... after all make some of the precious little male dears work to earn their pert little breasts like good, well-trained, obedient delicate sissy males properly should ;)