Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Next Book Release

The next book in the Omar Bell Universe will be released next Monday (10/5/2015).  It's called Becoming a Boi, and depicts the transformation of a man after Omar Bell's plan finally comes to fruition.  Its synopsis is as follows:

When Dr. Omar Bell, a respected biochemist, releases a statement that he's enacted a plan to feminize the world's population of white men, everyone is convinced that his claims are a hoax.  However, when white men start changing, becoming more feminine by the day, everyone is forced to accept that it is as real as it gets.  

Follow Bill as he tries to cope with his increasingly feminine body while attempting to maintain his marriage and masculinity.   

This story contains racially motivated feminization, and is a work of erotica.  As such, it is not intended for minors.  

The original version of this story was the first I ever published on Fictionmania, and was originally entitled Dr. Bell's Vengeance.  Because it was such an early work, it required extensive editing and copious rewriting.  I added two extra chapters, and rewrote the epilogue.  Fans of the series will also notice that the original "letter" has been rewritten and expanded.

I still think it's an incredibly hot story (it has a LOT of sex in it), so if that's your cup of tea, give it a try.  Here's the cover I'm using:

I also created the cover image for another, completely original story in the Omar Bell Universe.  I haven't written it, but it's going to be coming in the next couple of months.  I just wanted to share the image because I think it's really good.  Here it is:

Gender Role Reversal Caption - Establishing Ownership

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Your Preferences

I just wanted to remind everyone that the new Omar Bell Universe story (called The Island of Dr. Bell) is now available.  For those who have read the original stories, it provides quite a bit of backstory on how the biochemical agent is created (while showing a fun transition for our main character, Riley Diaz).

If you're interested in it, please don't hesitate to head over to MY AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE to find out more.  If you'd like to catch up, please read all of them.

Also, I'm doing a bit of market research.  As my target audience, you all can provide a pretty good bit of information for me.  So, for those of you who have read my books, this is for you.  It's a pretty simple question, but the answers will prove invaluable to me as I move forward.  So I ask - which of my novels is your favorite?

1. An Experiment: A Tale of Gender Role Reversal
2. A Warrior Reborn
3. Control
4. The Big Pink Book of Feminization
5. The Bully
6. A Warning
7. Nepotism
8. The Island of Dr. Bell

I'm going to put up a poll after I do this post, but I'd also like to hear your comments.  While it won't affect my publishing schedule for the next couple of months, it will greatly affect how I proceed after that.  So if you'd like to see more (or less) of something, let me know.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Feminization Caption Story - Finding the Real Harper Graham

Enjoy a new caption story!  At its inception, this was supposed to be a tribute to Sissy Trainer's "Pink Slipped", but as I wrote it, I sort of got carried away.  It's a pretty long story, but I think it's a really solid piece of work.  I'm particularly proud of the steady pace of the transition.

This series of captions was easily the most ambitious project I've attempted so far.  Originally, it was supposed to be much, much shorter, but as I wrote the story, I found that I wanted it to be a lot more elaborate.  In the end, a series that was supposed to be about twenty frames had ballooned to fifty-two (counting the cover image).  But I think it turned out pretty well.  There are a few frames that I'm not happy with, but in service of the story, they were the best I could come up with.

For those who're wondering, the model's name is Victoria White (or at least, that's her face on the majority of these).

Hope you all enjoyed it!