Saturday, January 16, 2016

Feminization Caption - One Mistake After Another


  1. Nikki...

    An exceptionally fascinating story of planned Female-male sex-role reversal and feminization. These type of stories always seem highly enhanced when depicting women are gathered together sharing and/or being enlightened to the re-training and transformation of the males involved.

    Particularly delightful is the fact the fact Mia has planned and trapped Her mate from the beginning and 'she' is now so clueless and girlishly naïve 'she' thinks that extreme submission will accumulate merit points, while actually anyone sane (i.e. the Female Sex) sees this is merely further inevitable steps into degradation.

    Also love the laughing and mocking of the male, and the device of being displayed before an "old college girlfriend" of the feminized male is powerful and delicious.

    1. I applaud your astute examination of the caption, and would add that it's quite a bit more impactful because of his former status as a "powerful" man.