Wednesday, January 6, 2016

TG Caption - First Steps


  1. Touching caption. It is so sad that the Caitlin Jenners of the world get all the recognition and praise when it is the unknowns who are making the transition who are the real heroes. Too bad we cannot give them the recognition they deserve.

    1. I admit that I dislike the whole Caitlin Jenner affair because I think it gives a false perception of how society looks at someone transitioning. I'm glad that Caitlin's announcement and subsequent transition has been met with widespread acceptance. I really am. Good for her. But that's not the reaction most people have to endure. There are issues with work, relationships, and body image that she simply doesn't have to deal with. She's insulated. She can afford millions of dollars worth of surgery. And she doesn't have to have a conversation with her boss about why she's going to be wearing dresses to work. In short, she's not a regular person, and her case simply isn't indicative of a typical transsexual's experience.

    2. My point exactly. Her acceptance and publicity does little if anything to help others who are transitioning. They will face a very different (and possibly hostile) reaction when they go public. It is the individuals who have faced and survived these trials who need to be the role-models for the younger generation, not the Caitlin Jenners of the world.