Sunday, March 20, 2016

Feminization Caption - Psychosomatic


  1. WISH I had a "hormone imbalance" like that. *sigh*

    1. That makes two of us Alana. Although something tells me his friend really knows what is going on. ;)

      As a sidenote to Nikki, I am not sure this caption matches the pic. The character is worried about his breasts, yet is wearing makeup, nail polish, earrings, and is posing like that. Maybe I am wrong and he is the one who really knows what's going on, and is trying to seduce his friend.

    2. There was a lot of this story that ended up getting cut because of the format. Going with dialogue meant that some of backstory had to be removed. However, it's not hard to imagine, based on his quick agreement, that he's an easily manipulated person. He knows there's something "wrong", but he's all but ready to go along with his friend's supposition that it's "all in his head". So it's not a very big leap to imagine that the friend also manipulated him into adopting the other feminine traits you've described. All of that said, if I have to explain it, I probably didn't do a great job of writing the caption. It happens to the best of us. I'll try to do better next time.