Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sissy Caption - A Different Type of School


  1. Oh why is the modern male so reticent of all that is being so truthfully offered by her to him?

    1. All the boys will be wearing the same thing: YES, and they had better!

    2. will not get a better education anywhere: So perfectly trained for proper obedience use in the Gynarchy!

    3. will open a lot of doors for you: as Females smilingly and chivalrously open doors for you as a member of the weaker and daintier sex!

    4. It'll all work out in the end: work Her strap-on out of your end, that is!

  2. Isnt this more of a gender role reversal caption?

    1. Probably. I tend to write these weeks in advance, so I do sometimes forget the theme. It just so happens that I posted this in haste, and didn't re-read it before titling it.