Monday, September 19, 2016

TG Caption - You Know You Want It

I hate when people take credit for my work.  I know that that statement may seem a bit hypocritical, given that I freely use other people's photos, but hear me out.  I couldn't care less if someone re-posts my captions.  I consider that fair game.  However, it does really irritate me when I see my captions with someone else's watermark on them (which implies ownership).  So if you're guilty of this, please refrain from doing that.  Use the captions all you want, but don't take credit for it.  That's just dishonest.

Okay - off my soapbox now.  Here's today's caption!

1 comment:

  1. I concur, Nikki! Especially since you, (and I'm assuming this), spend much time & effort creating your manipulations! I mean, it would be nice if others would at least give credit where due! I is flattering when someone finds a piece of work worthy of reposting, but to not only not mention it was your piece of art and go so far as to rebrand it as their own!?! Now that is deplorable!

    Ever your fan, Nikki!