Friday, January 20, 2017

Forced Feminization Caption - Never In Question

Just a reminder - the FREE BOOK PROMOTION started today, and runs through the 23rd.  So if you're interested in reading The Island of Dr. Bell for free, please click HERE to be redirected to its Amazon page.


  1. seriously, I could read a whole series of these!

  2. Any chance you know when the next caption story is coming out?

    1. I'm working on one right now. You have to understand that they take an incredible amount of time to complete, especially when they creep up to 100+ frames (which is how this one's going). The writing alone amounts to a short novel's worth of text, and that's not even including the procurement of photos, the modifications, and the framing.

      I do this in my spare time (I have a real job, too), so it takes a while to put it all together. That said, I expect a new caption story to be finished within a week or two. Maybe three, if I get bogged down at work.

    2. Ok thanks. Didn't mean to rush you just wanted an estamite because I really appreciate the storys