Sunday, January 1, 2017

TG Caption Story - A Second Chance

 Okay - so this was another commissioned story that turned out pretty well, I think.  It's a touch different than my typical stories, but I think that's a good thing.  For those interested, the models used are:

Nico/Nikki: Alex Grey (with various others for "before" shots)
Tina: Aubrey Star
Sasha: Nina North (love this model, and I WILL use her again)
Leeanne: Brett Rossi

It's not quite as long as my last caption story, but, at 52 frames, it's not short.  I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I liked writing it.  And Happy New Year!

Notice!  This story has been removed from this blog.  If you want to read it, please support me on Patreon.


  1. So, for way longer than I care to admit. I have been a fan of this blog. The captions are really good and enjoyable with a good mixture of beauiiful images and well written text.

    Every now and then however, you post more than just a caption; you post a story. I like to read these stories as much time has notibly gone in them. Both in text, as mixing up images and photoshopping them. However, so many times these stories have these moments of betrayal. Either by antagonist (or other characters) in the form of betrayal or by the writer itself (this is a personal opinion) by writing the main character into some cock-hungry slut. This story is, however, different from that.
    It showed a very gentle flow with a good background. The years of (unwanted?) dressing up made the initial transition more credible and also smoothed out some personal developments. The character transformation was slow, but quite credible with good developments. Something that I liked here is not the 'He's female now, so must be attracted to men' plotline. The lack of it was a very welcoming relief. While I do not know many trans or genderneutral people (read: 1) I can't believe that a man who has always been attracted to females suddenly is attracted to males instead due to hormones (I recall having read somewhere that preference is actually defined by a part in the brain and that gender-related hormones don't have a direct effect, but I might be wrong here).

    It was really nice to have read a more upbeat story, where the protagonist clearly ends up in a better place then from which he started. As well as seeing the relations along the way not explode, ties brake or sudden 180 on standpoints (though in some way, one could wonder if the sexual moment with Leeanne was such a moment). So yeah, great story. Great images.

    I do however have a couple of remarks for improvement. I get that the sum of the build+wig+breast forms make him convincing, but at some point there is a transition. For example, the moment where the breast forms are no longer used there is a reduction in the appearing breast size, maybe this could've been adressed. The same goes for the wig. At some point in the story, you mention the growing hair. 'even as his hair grew out and his body changed' (28). However, the earlier hair was done through a wig. Did they remove that hair, and pretended she cut it, did they use hair extensions. I'd love to read more depth in the 'disguise'.
    I'm also asking if you could try to avoid the 'I was secretely giving you female hormones' plot. It starts to get a bit... stale. You know? I get that Tina thinks it's better, but even from her standpoint it might be a bit an infringement of privacy to just do it. Just be wary you're not making the antagonist too dominant while hiding under the 'I know what's best, trust me' ruse.

    So yeah. I absolutely loved this story. I was particular happy to see a happy ending and don't end it with Nikki living on a cum-diet. Not saying I solely want lesbian stories - Who knows, she might experiment in Yale - but if you do change sexuality, make it due to the person coming with it and not just the appendix.

    Can't wait to see your next creation!

    1. First of all, thank you for being a fan. I'm glad you're able to enjoy my work. I want to preface this response with a simple statement: if the rest of this post seems defensive, please don't take it as such. I only intend it as an explanation of the thought process behind my decisions. So please take it as such.

      In regards to the "moment of betrayal":

      In some stories, it's just a part of the plot. I confess that I do enjoy a good plot twist, and I may overuse them in my stories. It's an issue I'll certainly be cognizant of in the future. However, it is sometimes necessary to yank the rug out from under the protagonist, and a good betrayal does that quite nicely. Still, I hear the criticism, and I'll keep it in mind.

      As to my betrayal of my characters' heterosexual tendencies, that's a bit more complicated. I don't look at sexuality as a binary construct. We're all a little gay. We're all a little straight. And we're all a whole lot of "in between". So I do think that a "completely" heterosexual man, in the right circumstances (i.e. societal pressure, peer pressure, sexual pleasure, etc.), will develop an affinity for a men. It has little to do with hormones, but rather, a lot to do with circumstances, expectations, and positive reinforcement.

      However, that sort of manipulation has a price. If a predominantly heterosexual man suddenly develops an affinity for sex with men, he's probably not going to be able to handle it psychologically. That's the reason that so few of my stories end happily - they're damaged human beings who have been forced to become something they were never intended to be. Their adjustment and acceptance is the product of a biased narrator who is trying to remain optimistic. They accept their femininity because, at the end of the day, they can't change it. They embrace their "new sexuality" because they can't imagine a world where a woman might want to be with them. Beneath the thin veneer of adjustment is an abyss of self-hatred that is the inevitable result of being forced to live as something you're not.

      This story, as you've noted, is quite different. Nico was the facade. Nikki is the real person, and her acceptance of who she is is a good thing. That's the point.

      As to the incident with Leeanne, it makes sense if you think of it. At that point, Nikki was reeling from the dual betrayal (there's that word again) of Tina and Sasha. She was angry, and she wanted to "get back" at Tina and Sasha. Leeanne's motivation is a little sadder, because Nikki is an obvious stand-in for her mother, Felicia (who was Leeanne's longtime lover). She'd probably been fantasizing about being with Nikki/Felicia for quite some time, and when she saw the opportunity, she pounced.

      cont. below...

    2. In regards to your suggestions for improvement, I can't say that I disagree with any point. I wish I could have showed a few more transition images, but the practical reality is that I simply didn't have the photos available. The model was kind of difficult to work with because she doesn't have a ton of photos with good angles of her face, which makes face-swaps really, really difficult. So different hair styles were kind of out of the question. It also made the "body transition" photos all but impossible (for my skills, at least).

      The secret hormones plot, while cliche, was the result of this being a commissioned piece. The permanent feminization had to start off very subtle (per the customer's request). I wanted to ground it in reality, so (secret) hormones were kind of the only route. It is absolutely an infringement of privacy, and I'd be surprised if it weren't illegal. But Tina's not the type of girl who cares about that sort of thing, and Nikki isn't the type of person to stand up for her rights (at least at that point in the story).

      And finally, in regards to the characters' sexuality: the simple reality is that the feminization and (subsequent) change of sexuality of a heterosexual male is a personal kink. It turns me on. And sometimes, that's enough to guide the story in that direction.

      I'm glad you put so much thought into it, and I hope I shed a little light on why I made the decisions I did. I hope my response didn't come off snarky or too in-depth. I just wanted to explain myself.

  2. Really good. Obviously lots of work. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Dearest Nikki,

    I've been reading your caps off and on for almost 2 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed your recent extended captions. The longer one took a few visits to complete but was well worth it. The same is true of this one. The models were great, the pictures were fabulous and the story was well written. The twists, turns, and betrayals all managed to keep me interested. I look forward to reading many more.

    I wished I had friends like Tina and Sasha that were able to see within me (at that age) what they saw in Nico and took it upon themselves to help him find his true gender. For me it's way too late and short of winning the lottery I'll never realize what Nikki came to realize, then become. So I live vicariously through stories and captions such as yours as a way to see how it might have been.

    Keep up the good work! Have a Wonderful New Year! Live your life OUTLOUD and without regret!


    1. I've been having a good time writing them, too. The longer stories give me so much more freedom to write a credible narrative, and they give me the opportunity to (hopefully) create multi-dimensional characters. I'm glad they fill a void for you, and I hope you find your own personal happiness.

  4. Loved it and thought it was terrific. My only area of criticism is the Yale piece. That came out of the blue and I find that a difficult suspension of disbelief.

    1. I almost left that part out, to be honest. But the decision needed to be something that Sasha couldn't argue with. It needed to be such a good (and fairly unique) opportunity that she couldn't just say, "Well, you could do that in California with me." And being as how I never really discussed academics (in depth), I thought it was a believable turn of events to have Nikki go to an Ivy League school. But maybe I was wrong, and it was a weak plot point. Sorry it took you out of the story.

    2. Please do not take it as a harsh criticism. I really want to have a commission done but don't know if I could afford it. I LOVE your work and you are amazing.

    3. It's okay to criticize the piece. My stories are far from perfect, so it's completely justified. In this case, I'd written myself into a corner, and I needed a way out. The "Yale" plot point offered a fairly easy way of doing that.

      As far as a story commission, just email me at to discuss it. I've done some of these commissions for way less than you'd think. If the story seems interesting, I'll certainly give it a go.

  5. One of my favourite stories on here!! Loved it. Can't wait for the next story

    1. Thanks. I've got two commissioned stories queued up, and then one of my own after that. I'll post them as I finish them, and hopefully they'll be as well-received as this one was.

  6. I've been a fan for a long time, and you and I had a nice email exchange about a year ago.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Yes, there are some valid points that have been made by others; but, being a writer who has done caps for another non-feminization site, I know just how hard it is to ensure you have the right photos to go with the right story/scenario. I am blown away by your graphics skills, and your mind has come up with some great stories. Thank you for this story, especially for its upbeat nature (I like the not-so-upbeat stories, too). Sometimes those of us dealing with gender issues need to read something that makes us feel good.

    Thank you. Again.


    1. Thanks. I don't disagree with the criticism, but in most cases, there are very good reasons for the issues. Some are practical (lack of photos). Some are personal (I like what I like). And others are thematic (some characters are dumb). And still some others are real mistakes that I regret. But I'm proud of each and every story I've posted on this site - even the early ones (which promote cringes at the bad photoshop), because they're all a part of my quest to become a better writer and artist. If someone would have told me a few years ago that I'd post a hundred frame caption story on here, I wouldn't have believed it. Even a year ago, that seemed completely out of the question. So I've made progress, and I hope to get better still.

      I'm glad you liked the story. I do have a tendency to end these things on a sad note, so it was nice to finally get one that ended happily. Anyway - thanks for reading, and I hope the next one (also a long one!) impresses you too!