Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Feminization Caption - Devotion


  1. Well it's 3 months later and at last 'TAMMI' felt secure about his Female Master's Rikki love... He thought to himself

    "*sigh*...yes, it's demeaning.. but we poor delicate males just have to realize that our surrenderto our superiors gives Women Their true satisfaction of knowing They rule us mind, spirit, soul and body..."

    Still as Rikki delightedly prodded and pierced his girlish bottom with the massive 11-inch latex, tears came to his mascaraed eyelids as Erin entered the room with a duplicate strapped to He loins, commanding,

    "Oh, Rikki, you look so HOT doing your bitch maid like that... Do you mind if I try this out on 'her' cute lipsticked mouth until you're finished reaming her little male cunt. THEN she can go prepare a snack while YOU and I MAKE SOME REAL LOVE!"

    Tammi quaked and began to weep, rivulets of eye make began running down her cheeks etching feminine hieroglyphs marking her shame...

  2. Whyguys, you are master of comments about gender role reversal. ;)

  3. Nikki, you are master of captions about gender role reversal. ;)