Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Forced Feminization Caption - Vacation

Right click, select "Open Image in New Tab", then click to zoom if the text is too small.


  1. I really think this one is one of your worst photo montage.
    But the story is good

    1. I actually liked it. It's all-but seamless, and is a nearly-perfect transplant from the original model's penis. But to each their own, though. I hope you like future offerings better.

    2. Well. If you think so.
      But i think it's ridiculusely too tiny. I'm ok when you do little penis... but on this one it's much more like a giga clitoris than a micropenis ^^. ( well i know where really is the limit in this case)
      Don't take it too bad. I just write what i think and in english it' s not easy for me.