Monday, May 29, 2017

Feminization Caption - A Friendly Wager


  1. Wow wow! A shy sad reslusive boy, bullied and teased for possibly being gay and weak, becomes a super extrovert party girl!! Didn't they like, do him a favor? I mean, how happy is he now?

    I expected a comment about the huge knockers too. Are they real? Also would love to see how their next target turns out!

    1. He certainly looks happy, doesn't he? Or she, rather.

    2. Totally! Formerly a sad quiet shut-in who was ashamed of his own body, now has tons of friends, new hobbies, a super fun job, and stays super active! You'll never catch Alex NOT smiling, beaming, laughing, hugging her new girl BFFs, and proudly flashing her body to the guys! She's just that kinda fun party girl!

      For the next target, I bet they'll pick one who they think could NEVER succumb to feminization...