Friday, May 26, 2017

New Caption Story Available

Today's the day!  A brand new caption story, entitled Eden,  is available for my Patreon supporters (who've pledged $10 or more).  It was a fun one to write, mostly because I absolutely adore the primary model.  She's insanely gorgeous.  But the story itself is a fun concept as well.  Here it is:
Brock is a star high school football player with a bright future.  In fact, he's already accepted a scholarship offer to play for his state's premier college football program.  However, he's forced to take a year off when he makes a decision to accept a gift from a booster.  Faced with a wasted year (and his father's increasingly difficult financial situation), he decides to accept a one-year contract at an exclusive, high-end resort called Eden.  Once there, he's unwittingly feminized.  
When his contract's up, he's forced to confront the reality of his feminization when he goes back home.  
At 45 thousand words and 136 frames, this is one of my longest stories, and features the following models:
Brock/Brooke (before): Tyler Posey (body), Mark Indelicato (face and early transition body)
Brooke (transition): Emily Grey (body), Korra Del Rio (body), Nina north (face)
Brooke (feminized): Nina North
Lindsay: Serena Westwood
Dean/Deana: Kristen Scott
Paul: Miguel Angel Silvestre
Aiden: Johnny Castle
Camilla: Ariana Marie
If you were on the fence about becoming a supporter, I hope this puts you over the edge.  In addition to the currently published three caption stories, you will receive a coupon for my text novel, An Experiment: A Tale of Gender Role Reversal when you pledge your support.  So if you want to support my work, please click the following:  NIKKI'S PATREON PAGE.  


  1. I'm really sad. I enjoy your captions a lot. Especially the story's. But I can't pledge 10$ a month due to my low salary. (Sad I know). Hope you gain many paterons

  2. I wish I could by the story on Amazon kindle.