Friday, May 5, 2017


Some of you may  have noticed that I've removed a few caption stories from this blog.  I did so because I've just started a Patreon account, and I'm offering access to my last few (and all future) caption stories as an incentive to support me.  Don't worry - I still plan to keep posting captions here; I just think it's silly (given my financial situation) to make the long, involved stories available for free.

So, here's the deal.  I've only made one tier of patronage, and it's really simple.  Pledging $10 per month gets you access to my caption stories.  I'll make them available periodically until I catch up (with the first being A Second Chance).  After I've gotten the old stories uploaded, I'll start posting a new story once a month (maybe every other month, if I can't maintain the pace).

I realize this might turn some of you off of my work, but I'm sort of out of ideas.  I'd love to keep doing this.  I really would.  I enjoy it quite a bit, and I certainly like the idea of people enjoying my work.  But if I don't do something soon, I'm going to have to seriously decrease the amount of time I put into this (in favor of working more at my real job).  That's the reality of my situation.

So if you can, become a patron.  I think I've proven that I'm a solid creator who puts out reliable content.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Again, $10 gets access to the stories.  I'll probably have them all posted within a month or two, and then it's on to new material.  If you want to pledge more, feel free, but I'm not locking any content behind another monetary barrier.

Anyway, that's what's new for me and the Feminization Station.  I hope you guys can help out.  If you'd like to, just click that big square box on the right hand side of the page which says "Support Me On Patreon".

If you'd like the direct link, it's:  NIKKI'S PATREON PAGE


  1. Your caption stories are the best part of this blog by far, and the main reason I keep coming back here. I wish they were still free, but I understand where you're coming from, and given your situation and also the sheer amount of work you put in, you definitely deserve financial compensation.

    That said, as the system is set up now, the way you set it up now, I'm not going to support on patreon. $10 a month, every single month, to access your caption stories? Over time, that racks up to absurdly high levels.

    I would prefer paying a one-time purchase price for individual stories, like does for their premium comics or Joesixpack stories. I think that makes more sense, and would be a much more popular option among your fans; I know I'm not the only one who is simply not going to pay $10/month, but would be willing to pay a one-time fee for individual stories.

    Even that one popular tg story/image subscription site (whose name I cannot remember right now), many people just "subscribe" for a month, download the content, then unsubscribe--essentially a one-time payment. So I suspect even with their subscriber model, they essentially make about as much money (maybe less, even) as if they charged a purchase price for individual content.

    In conclusion, I'm happy to pay for your caption stories, but I'm not doing recurring payments, and I think most of your fans won't either. One-time purchase price per story is a better option.

    1. I understand, and that's certainly a valid point. However, I wouldn't know how to even begin to make a pay-by-story system work. I don't think it's possible with Patreon, so I'd have to set up my own website. I have almost no experience with that, so it seems like an incredible amount of work. That said, if the Patreon thing doesn't work out, I'll consider it.

  2. Here's a thought for you Nikki.
    You already publish text stories on Amazon so why not publish caption stories as individual "Kindle" books?
    There are lots of almost entirely photo-based books on sale there so it's feasible.
    Four or five good length caption stories per book, as well as an exclusive story, might add up to something worthwhile for you.
    You've got enough material already for several books.
    I'd certainly buy them.
    Hope that helps.

    1. I'm honestly not sure how to even make that work. It's a thought, if the Patreon thing doesn't work out, though. But if that happens, I'll probably begin to lose my interest in doing this. I've given people five years of reliable content. If I can't get enough supporters to make it make sense, I can't deny that it'll leave a really bad taste in my mouth about this whole endeavor.

    2. Er, um, don't you run into copyright problems here? If you're making money off other people's copyrighted photographs, you're running a pretty serious legal risk, aren't you? Is that allowed by Patreon's terms of service?

    3. As far as copyright is concerned, it's a little bit of a gray area. While the original photos, many times, are owned by other people, they've been altered enough that they can be considered a separate work. However, if anyone owning one (or more) of those photographs were to request that they be taken down, I'd certainly do it. It's not worth being sued over to prove a point.

  3. The problem is, there is so much on the internet for free, people just won't spend $10 a month. The only way to make money in this type of forum is to actually do porn and even that isn't much. Trust me I know. I did a little here and there. I wish you luck with your endeavors but honestly, I don't think what you're trying will be very lucrative.

    1. It's not really intended to be *very* lucrative. And while I agree that there's a lot of free content on the internet, nobody else does what I do. The closest thing are the comics at Joe Six pack or Lustomic (which are not free), but even they're not really that similar (aside from a visual component paired with a story). That said, even if it fails horribly, I'm in no different a situation than before. Maybe I'll be a bit more cynical about human nature, but I think that might be inevitable anyway.

      I think the reality of it is that most people want as much free as they can get, the creator be damned. They don't give a damn about the artist's time investment; all they care about is getting something for nothing. At the end of the day, chasing clicks is all well and good. It might give me that warm fuzzy feeling, but it doesn't pay my medical bills. It doesn't keep my car running. And it certainly doesn't pay my rent. Being that there's a finite amount of time in the day and energy in my body, there comes a time when I'm going to have to make choices about what's necessary. I can't devote hour upon hour to doing this without any compensation when I'm dodging bill collectors. It just doesn't make sense.

      So, while I appreciate your comment, it's just not very productive. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here. In all likelihood, I am. But that doesn't change my situation, and it's not going to keep me from trying.

    2. I'm assuming you don't have medical insurance and you most likely live in the USA. There are programs that can help you through both the state and federal government. Have you looked into them? I too am struggling with health issues but at least they help me greatly. If you want to know more, contact me directly.

      I also make many captions and caption stories. I don't post many of them though. I do them for fun mostly. I have thousands at this point.

      I do wish you luck but from experience, you might want to try something else.

    3. The problem isn't the actual medical bills. I do have decent insurance through work, but copays do get a little out of hand when I have to go to the doctor as much as I do. That said, I can handle that too. The real issue is that I had to take over two months off from work while I went through treatment. Bills didn't stop, so I got way behind.

      The Patreon has actually gotten a little better. I'm up to 12 supporters who (collectively) have pledged over $100 per month. It's not setting the world on fire, but it's not the worst start in the world. Just like this blog, I think it has to have a chance to grow.

    4. That's great! I hope you get lots more.