Sunday, June 4, 2017

Girl-a-Matic Preview!

Like I said yesterday, a new Girl-a-Matic Guide is coming soon.  In fact, it will be posted by Tuesday (maybe tomorrow, though I'm not sure if I can make that deadline).  To whet your appetites, I wrote this short teaser, featuring the character from the new Guide.

If you liked this, you'll enjoy the new Girl-a-Matic guide, entitled "How to Turn Your Boss into a Beautiful, Busty Bimbo".  As with all my stories, to gain access to this new piece, you'll have to become one of my Patreon Subscribers.  To do so, please click HERE to be redirected to my Patreon Page.


  1. This should be a great tribute to the originals. Giving a preview IS a wonderful idea.

    1. I think it's gone past being a tribute at this point, to be honest. I've done like four or five of them now, and I think I've kind of developed my own style of guide. Aside from the name, they're really not all that similar (except for the first one I did, which was intentionally very similar). Still, I think they've been well-received so far, and I believe this one will be very popular.