Thursday, July 27, 2017

TG Caption - Dream Come True


  1. I don't know if you meant it intentionally but the ending of this appears to be highly malicious. It is kind of implying the sister wants her brother to get into a situation that is not in his control. Kind of makes the sister an asshole one for violating her brother's privacy and for stranding him in a situation that can go south pretty quickly.

    1. That's exactly how it was meant. The sister isn't supposed to be a good person. It's also meant to highlight the difference between our fetishes (and fantasies) and reality. One (the diary entry) is fun to imagine. The other (the reality of being in that situation) is terrifying.

      The diary thing was both a means to an end (sister had to find out somehow), and a comment on a lot of closeted people's greatest fear: being found out.

      And after looking at this caption again, sorry about the formatting. I guess I was half asleep when I was changing text colors.

  2. molto carino baci baci baci !!