Thursday, July 6, 2017

Updated Release Schedule

Just a quick reminder:

I'll be releasing a new story, entitled "The Athlete" tomorrow.  It's not a particularly long story, and is very much in the vein of its predecessors "My Roommate" and "The Personal Trainer".  It features one of my favorite models (who I'll almost definitely use again at some point), Emily Grey, and follows a college baseball player as he's unwittingly feminized.  It's a fun little story, and I really enjoyed writing it, so I hope you'll all like it too.

In other news, I made some progress on a couple of the stories on my schedule, and figured I'd give it a little update.

July 7 - The Athlete (featuring Emily Grey)
July 15 - The Witness*
July 24 - Spiral (featuring Amanda Tate)
August 6 - Feminized Felons (multiple models)
August 17 - Rapper Story (changed the primary model from Chanell Heart to Nicole Bexley)
August 29 - Coming-of-Age Story (featuring Adria Rae)
September 6 - The Tale of Asha*
September 13 - Interracial Story (featuring Kendra Sunderland)
September 27 - Spiritual Successor to "Sensitivity Training" (featuring Tanner Mayes)
October 10 - A Winding Path*
October 17 - Dream Sequel (featuring Kota Skye)
October 31 - Halloween Story (featuring Ivy Aura)
November 7 - Middle-East Story (featuring Nadia Ali) - This one's a new addition, and is a story about a man who's kidnapped while on vacation in Morocco.  He's then feminized and sold to a man who expects him to be one of his wives.
November 21 - Gemini Sequel (featuring Leah Gotti)
December 1 - Male Pregnancy Story (featuring Mary Jane Johnson)
December 15 - Dream Trilogy Part 3 (featuring Janice Griffith)
December 29 - A Christmas Story (either Gigi Rivera or Haley Reed)
January 2018 - Basketball Story (undecided casting)
February 2018 - Bachelor Party Story (undecided casting)
March 2018 - Political Story (undecided casting)

*denotes a re-release

For more in-depth descriptions, please refer to the initial post concerning the release schedule.  You can find it by clicking HERE.  

Of course, I will also release smaller stories at various times throughout the schedule (similar to how I did with Political Exposure).  Basically, if I get a burst of creative energy, I'll put something together.  In addition, I have plans to release a new Omar Bell book next month (undecided what that date will be).

So, if you're excited about any of these future projects, please support me on Patreon.  I can't guarantee that I'll be able to maintain this ambitious schedule until I reach my goal (which would require about 80-100 more supporters).  The exclusive library of stories available to my supporters has grown considerably, including 21 caption stories and 5 novels.  If you're looking for value, you need look no further.  

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