Monday, August 21, 2017

Forced Feminization Caption - Big Plans

Remember, there's a new caption story coming on 8/29/2017 called Obsession.  It follows a young man as he, in an attempt to appeal to his lesbian, polyamorous girlfriend, slowly adopts a more feminine persona.  It features Adria Rae.


  1. Okay, that's a fantastic pic and a great lead-in to the story, but the end-goal of erasing bigotry by swapping gender and sexuality is genius!

    1. Thanks. I thought the photo mod was pretty spot-on, so I was a little disappointed to see two people rate it as "Bad Art". However, I do know that some people think that it's any photo featuring an uncircumcised penis is inherently bad. For some reason.

  2. I absolutely LOVE THIS CAPPIE!!!!