Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Huge Milestone

It's that time again!  Today, my Patreon reached an incredible milestone when it reached 300 supporters.  300!  It's amazing to me that so many people are willing to support my work, and I can't tell you all how grateful I am.  Not only has your support helped me financially, but it's also ushered me through a pretty horrible time in my life.  Being diagnosed with cancer isn't easy.  It's even more difficult when coupled with financial instability. 

You've all been an incredible help, and again, I thank you. 

To celebrate, I've made another one of my books free (to my Patreon Supporters).  This time, it's the sixth in the Omar Bell Universe collection, entitled "The Football Star".  Like the name (and universe) suggests, it follows a football player as he tries to cope with the effects of Omar Bell's plot to feminized the world's population of white men.

To those of you who aren't already supporters, it's never been a better time.  Not only are there nearly FORTY CAPTION STORIES available (and MORE coming each month!), but you'll also get access to nine of MY BOOKS for free.

So, if you'd like to throw your support behind my work, please just click on the following logo to be redirected to my Patreon page:

Thanks again!


  1. I am a Patron but how do I access the football star story?

    1. If you're one of my Patreon Supporters, you should have gotten a message on Patreon containing a link to the book and the coupon code to get it free. If you didn't get that code, please send me a message via Patreon (I have to verify that you are, indeed, a Supporter), and I'll send it to you straightaway.

  2. I found the message. You are the only person I support on patron so I'm still learning how messaging works. Ok love you, bye.