Thursday, October 5, 2017

October Release Schedule

September was a really great month that saw the release of three really well-received stories, "The Tale of Asha", "An American Dream", and "My Secret".  I particularly enjoyed these three because they allowed me to focus a bit more on (ethnic) diversity.  I do tend to favor white, American protagonists (lots more white porn stars out there than any other race), so it was nice to step back and do something a little different.  So, I'm really glad you all liked them as much as you did. 

I expect October to be just as good (if not better) in terms of quality.  Scheduled for release are the following stories:


A Winding Path (re-release)

After years in an abusive relationship, a young man takes shelter with his younger stepsister.  There, he must confront the reality of his feminization.  Features Jessi Rogers. 


Over the Edge

A sequel to the previous caption story "Dream", this story follows a group of high school seniors whose lives are taken over by a mysterious man with a powerful ability to control them.  It features Naveen Ora.


Halloween Story (working title)

Featuring Ivy Aura, this story follows a young man who, after flunking out of college, starts living with his childhood best friend.  When Halloween comes around, she convinces him to wear a female costume, which awakens a side of him he never knew existed. 

Date TBD

Girl-a-Matic Guide

Because there's a re-release in here, I'll probably augment this month's offering by doing an unscheduled Girl-a-Matic Guide.  It'll feature April Cheryse, and will likely focus on transforming a chauvinist into a bimbo (huge stretch for a Girl-a-Matic guide, I know). 

So, assuming everything goes how it's planned, this month should see the release of four stories.  However, the variable lies in whether or not I'll have the time to complete the Girl-a-Matic Guide.  Even if I don't, though, I'll be releasing, at minimum, three stories. 

If you're not already a Supporter, it's a great time to become one.  Not only will you gain access to these planned features, but you'll also get to enjoy almost three dozen other caption stories and seven of my novels.  To me, that seems like a pretty good deal.  If you'd like to become one of my Patreon Supporters, just click the following logo:

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