Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Coming Soon!

I'm sorry, but I forgot to make a post detailing the scheduled releases for November.  This post is to rectify that mistake.  Better late than never, I suppose.

This month's first release was "Sharmuta" (11-7-17), which starred Nadia Ali.  Most of you have already read it, but for those of you haven't, it's a story about a young American who's kidnapped while vacationing in Northern Africa.  After that, he's feminized, and forced to marry a Middle Eastern man.  If you haven't had the chance to read it, it's been fairly well-received, so give it a shot.

Next up is "Gemini: Volume Two" (11-21-17), which tells the story of a middle-aged man who, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, is offered one chance to live: he must participate in the Gemini contest, which would require him to switch places with his daughter.  It's a sequel to a popular story I did a while back (only available to Supporters), and features Leah Gotti.

And finally, the the third story for this month is a fake "Time" article detailing the rapidly fading masculinity of the white male (11-31-17).  Some of you who've been following my work for a while will recognize the format as one I've used before.  This one features a wide variety of models, and promises to be a fun exploration of an alternate reality.

If any of these (or the three dozen other, already-published) stories sound interesting to you, you'll have to be a Supporter to gain access.  If you do so, you'll also gain access to ten of my original novels (via Smashwords).  So, if you're on the fence, there's no time like the present to start enjoying my unique take on this genre!

If you'd like to take advantage of this wealth of available content (and more coming each month!), just click on the following logo:

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