Friday, November 24, 2017

TG Caption - Overthinking It


  1. Love this caption, if only people thought that way.

  2. Nikki, there you go again...showing me pictures of cock. Love looking at their shafts!! Lol! Maybe, I might be thinking about his tip penetrating my boi pussy...though I can't decide if I want him to bend me over or lay back and spread my legs for him. Either way, the anticipation of his tip popping inside me, funny, it always makes me have to catch my breath...then as I relax, he would ease himself inside me. Oh, Nikki, you've gone and made my little penis bump up in my shorts! I wish we could change too! Has anyone seen Pink's new video, Beautiful Trauma? Some interesting role reversal themes. I wish I looked like her when I shower at my gym. There are sooo many guys that look at my small penis when I am in the showers. I never wrap a towel around myself, I love showing off my small maleness, I feel so feminine and cute under their gazes!! When I grow an erection right in front of them, they sure aren't looking at my eyes! I shower with the curtain part way open and soap my small erect penis so they can look as they walk by. Some stop and take the shower stall across from me and jack themselves off. I just keep stroking so they have a feminine penis to look at...I even have a group of repeat clients I call them. My regular boys who are horny and just want someone to look with a lusty eye at their cock. Once, I was erect in front of 3 of the guys, they were late getting to the showers and I was walking out. As all 3 walked up, I immediately began looking at all 3 cocks swinging back and forth, and I grew right in front of them! I felt out numbered and so feminine all at the same time! I wanted to suck their cocks!! Funny, I sit at work and day dream about sucking its all I dream of! Kinda scares me though, because I am afraid my need for a cock in my mouth will over ride good judgement. Back to your picture Nikki, seeing the length of his shaft makes me feel in touch with the gurl inside me...drives me crazy...I love cock, I love having a small feminine looking penis...its sooo of my regulars told me if girls had a penis, he thought it would look just like mine. I swear when I get home from the gym, I almost rub my little clitty right off!!

    1. Wow...that is one LONG comment! Glad you liked the little story.