Thursday, March 1, 2018

March Release Schedule!

February was a fantastic month that saw the release of two brand-new stories and a re-release of an older one.  To recap:

"Sensitivity Training", starring Tanner Mayes was the very well-received story of a young man who, after sexually harassing one too many women, is sent to (you guessed it!) sensitivity training.

"Method", by contrast, isn't a tale of forced feminization.  Rather, it was the story of a has-been actor who decides to undergo a radical transformation in order to procure a particularly promising part.  It stars the absolutely stunning Valentina Nappi.

And finally, I decided to re-release my final "old" story, a Girl-a-Matic Guide called "How to Feminize a Football Player".  In it is a step-by-step guide advising enterprising women on how to feminize the athlete in their lives.  It stars Kylie Richards.

So - February was a really good month with a variety of releases, and March is shaping up to be just as good (though I'll let you all be the final judges!).

Up first for March is a story called "Turnabout", which is a traditional forced feminization tale that focuses on a wealthy playboy who becomes the subject of a feminine reconditioning program perpetrated by his female employees.  This forced feminization story stars Kayla Kayden.  Coming March 2, 2018.

Second is "Toy", which follows a young man who, after being released from juvenile detention, goes to live with his aunt.  When he goes back to his criminal ways, she forces him to adopt a new identity - that of her teenage daughter!  This age regression, forced feminization story stars the adorable Hannah Hays.  Coming March 18, 2018.

Unlike most months, March will only see two scheduled releases (instead of the normal three).  However, I do have a smaller caption story that may sneak into the latter part of the month, so keep checking back.

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